Mark McEwen - Vocals

Flza Dana - Drums

Sam DieEarly - Guitar

Craig Kenney - Bass


Friend or Foe are a raw hardcore-punk band from Richmond, Virginia, influenced by New York Hardcore bands of the late 80’s & early 90’s such as Killing Time, Breakdown, and Sick Of It All. 


The band established themselves as a force within the Punk & Hardcore world with the release of their Demo 7” (Solid Bond/Reaper Records) in December 2012.  The following year the Outsider 7”(Triple B Records) was released to much acclaim and landed them spots on United Blood Fest, Black & Blue Bowl, and Sound & Fury Fest.


The year 2016 brings us the newest installment of reality from the group in the form of an EP entitled, “FOE”.  The band has teamed up with Baltimore/Long Island label, Flatspot Records to release the new record, which is slated to come out in Spring ’16.  With the release of this new record the band plans to play their in-your-face brand of hardcore whenever & wherever they can.


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